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1960's Boy Scout Expedition Uniform Shirt, White Expedition T-Shirt, Garrison Hat, Socks, an Older Boy Scout Whistle with Lanyard, Explorer Scout Manual Copyright 1946 by Boy Scouts of America

3 11235 12.00   ended
T2-1.jpgVintage Norman Rockwell framed Boy Scouts of America Print - Tomorrow's Leader. Frame Measures 19" x 23".

8 11270 35.00   ended
T3-1.jpgThe Boy Scouts Yearbook, Copyright 1915 published by D. Appleton and Company, Copyright 1913, 1914, 1915 Boy Scouts of America. 243 Page Hardbound Book with Good Binding, pages in good condition.

2 4606 7.00   ended
T4-1.jpgSeneca Scout #3 Boy Scout Camera Mfg by Seneca Camera Mfg Co.Rochester, NY. In original Box, Instruction sheet has wear. Mfg. from approximately 1914 to 24. Advertised for any standard make of film type. Made in two popular sizes include a quarter plate and post card size. The Scout box cameras were constructed of wood and metal, with a durable black seal grain leatherette covering and nickel plated brass hardware. It was fitted with a fix focus, first grade meniscus lens with an automatic shutter for time or instantaneous exposures. It featured an easy load film chamber that was removed by releasing the catches that hold the chamber in place. Once removed film was easy loaded and the chamber returned to the camera where the catches would lock the chamber in place. Two view finders were built-in. The no. 3 was capable of taking twelve exposures 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 inches from a single roll film. Priced at $4.00 and $5.00.

4 1394 16.00   ended
T5-1.jpgBoy Scouts Pathfinder Volume 6 Copyright 1912 by Saalfield Publishing Co. Binding Taped. The Canadian Boy Scout Diary 1929, Framed 1930 Boy Scouts Certificate of Service of Evan Sorensonn, Troop 403, St. George, Utah

1 4606 5.00   ended
T6-1.jpgBoy Scouts Official Back Pack with Aluminum Frame in Great Condition with a Boy Scouts Grooming Kit in Original Box. Kit is in Great condition.

1 4606 5.00   ended
T7-1.jpgBoy Scouts Manual,Boy Scouts Plumb Hatchet, Wood Cutting Neckerchief for an Adult Leader, Boy Scouts Timex Watch with Leather Band (broken), ID Bracelet, Match Holder with Matches.

5 11269 24.00   ended
T8-1.jpgBoy Scouts of America Short Sleeved Shirt, Shorts, Socks, Hat, Bolo Tie with Viking Council Slide, Viking Council Many Point Scout Reservation Coffee Cup, Handbook for Boys, 5th Edition, 6th Printing June 1953

1 4606 5.00   ended
T9-1.jpg6 Books by M.A.Donohue & Co. 1913: Boy Scouts in Coal Caverns or Light in Tunnel Six. Boy Scouts on Old Superior or The Tale of the Pictured Rocks. Boy Scouts Pathfinders or The Strange Hunt for the Beaver Patrol. Boy Scouts in Alaska or the Camp on The Glacier. Boy Scouts Rivals or A Leader of the Tenderfoot Patrol (missing last page). Boy Scouts on the Great Divide or The Ending of the Trail.

2 4606 8.00   ended
T10-1.jpgBoy Scout Bugle, Rexcraft for Boy Scouts of America, 17" long, Shiny, two dents found.

3 4606 17.00   ended
T11-1.jpgLimited Edition numbered - # 1 of 2500, "Every Scouts a Swimmer " Poster 20 1/2" x 26 1/2", Training Safety Practice showing 2 Scouts on Surf Boards.

8 11258 46.00   ended
T12-1.jpgBSA Troop Life Guard Round Patch and Vintage Boy Scout Swim Trunks

7 11235 27.01   ended
T13-1.jpgBoy Scout Folding Camp Seat, Toas-tite Sandwich Grill, Flashlight, Metal Candle Cooker, Handbook for Boys 5th Edition - 8th Printing 1955

3 5237 20.00   ended
T14-1.jpgBSA National Council Canvas Yucca Pack, Angle Flashlight with broken glass, Folding Flatware Camp Set, Cook Kit with Canvas Carry Bag with Strap.

3 4606 16.00   ended
T15-1.jpgScout Leaders Official Uniform, Official Sanforized Shirt, Shorts in Original Boy Scout Leader Official Uniform Box; Socks, Tie, Garrison Hat, and Belt were added but did not come in the box with the uniform.

3 4606 10.01   ended
T16-1.jpgBoy Scout Campaign Hat by Sigmund Eisner, Redbank, N.J. National Outfitters, Official Boy Scout Binoculars and Official Boy Scout Twin Signal Set with Code Book and Two Signal Instruments, , Relay Wire, Batteries installed.

3 4606 24.00   ended
T17-1.jpgOffical Boy Scout Pair of Shoes, S22 Brown Service Oxfords Size 2D, New Old Stock in Original Box. Boy Scout Official Sole with Badges Displayed.

5 4480 35.00   ended
T18-1.jpg7 Boy Scout Books by Percy K. Fitzhugh: Roy Blakely in th Haunted Camp, Copyright 1922, Roy Blakely, Copyright 1920; Roy Blakely's Silver Fox Patrol, Copyright 1920; Roy Blakely's Camp on Wheels, Copyright 1920; Roy Blakeley's Bee Line Hike, Copyright 1922, with Dust Cover; Roy Blakeley's Elastic Hike, Copyright 1926 with Dust Cover; Pee-Wee Harris On The Trail, Copyright 1922 with Dust Cover. All books in very good condition.

1 4606 5.00   ended
T19-1.jpgVintage Explorers BSA Sanforized Shirt with Patch, Middle Tenn Council BSA, Boxwell Reservation, Nashville , Tenn, 2 Years Pin, Sash with 19 Badges, includes Scouts Picture wearing the Sash.

2 4606 12.00   ended
T20-1.jpgVaughan Official Boy Scout 1928-1932 Shovel Pick and a Boy Scout Camp Cook Kit that is Stamped with Official Boy Scout Seal with Red Cloth Carrier.

9 11234 65.00   ended
T21-1.jpgGold Boy Scout Sweatshirt, Red Knit Shirt, Vintage Pants, Cap and Leather Belt

3 4606 23.00   ended
T22-1.jpgRARE - Bridgeman's December 1941 Calendar with Norman Rockwell Print "A Scout is Helpful" Boy Scouts of America, Framed under Glass a large 36" tall by 19" wide.

6 4480 110.00   ended
T23-1.jpgColorado Jamboree 50 Years 1910-1960 Colorado Springs Canvas Backpack with Jamboree Patches, Camporee Patch and Eagle Scout Patch, Jamboree Printed Neckerchief, Fringed Neckerchief with Jamboree Patch and a National Jamboree Resin Bowl.

5 4606 24.00   ended
T24-1.jpgThe Silver Beaver Award with Blue and White Neck Ribbon and a Scoutmaster's Knot Patch and 2 Silver Beaver Patches. The Silver Beaver marked Sterling is the Highest Award the at can be given to an adult volunteer. This one comes with the presentation case. A VINTAGE BSA SILVER BEAVER AWARD. The Silver Beaver is the third Distinguished Service Award, and is worn during formal ceremonies or occasions. The order of precedence is the Silver Buffalo - awarded Nationally, the Silver Antelope - awarded Regionally, and the Silver Beaver - awarded by the Boy Scouts Council.

8 11271 45.00   ended
T25-1.jpgLarge Selection of Patches, Camporee, Council, Rendezvous, Derby, total of 56 Patches.

4 4606 13.00   ended
T26-1.jpgUlster 4 Piece Boy Scout Knife, Boy Scout Canteen, Plumb Hatchet, Timex Watch with Good Leather Band, Official Emergency Blanket

7 11234 38.00   ended
T27-1.jpgRare 1920's Era Boy Scout Swim Suits with BSA Patches, Knit Wool, one has Shoulder Straps. They were worn by brothers whose initials are sewn inside the suits. Included is a Vintage Photo of Boy Scout in his Swim Suit.

23 11232 260.02   ended
T28-1.jpgBoy Scout Field Book, Eleventh Printing 1956, Uniform with Long Sleeved Shirt, Pants, Socks, Cap and Neckerchief.

1 4606 5.00   ended
T29-1.jpg1934 Americanization National Council Boy Scouts of America Certificate of Completion of the Elements of Scoutmastership-Part II, Framed ; Framed Scouts Law and a Scout Statue on Round Wood Base.

7 4606 38.00   ended
T30-1.jpgSterling Silver Scouts Ring Sz 6, Vintage Boy Scout Marking Pen, Belt with Buckle, BSA Swisse Army Knife, Highgear Whistle, Flashlight and Compass, CZU WAJ Pin, Scouternas Tack marked Westins Stockholm on the back, BSA Tie Clip, Camp Utensils Kit, Official First Aid Kit (empty), a Boy Scouts Booklet written by John Alexander and a Official Boy Scouts Whistle on woven lanyard.

2 4606 22.00   ended
T31-1.jpgBoy Scouts Shorts, Summer Top, Knee High Socks, Cap, National Jamboree Idaho 1969 Neckerchief.

1 4606 5.00   ended
T32-1.jpg4 Books by Percy Keese Fitzhugh, (2) Tom Slade Boy Scout of the Moving Pictures, Copyright 1915, Tom Slade on Overlook Mountain, Copyright 1923, Tom Slade on the River, Copyright page missing.

1 4606 5.00   ended
T33-1.jpgVintage Professional Photograph of Boy Scouts, (a Classic Shot by a Professional), Vintage Breeches (lace up fronts), Shirt and Socks

3 4606 26.00   ended
T34-1.jpgBSA Plumb Hatchet with Leather Sheath, BSA Knife that is missing a part, Good BSA Leather Wrapped Handle Knife with Leather Sheath Mfg by KA-BAR (Kagens, Reading, PA) and stainless steel blade, Official Boy Scout Flint and Steel Set and an Angle Flashlight.

12 10909 60.00   ended
T35-1.jpgBridgemans Ice Cream Stores Norman Rockwell Boy Scouts of America Framed 1942 Calendar 37" tall by 25" wide frame.

4 4606 24.00   ended
T36-1.jpgGroup of Vintage Knit Boy Scout Swim Trunks in a variety of Colors and Designs

7 11235 43.00   ended
T37-1.jpgVersabi District Exposition Neckerchiefs 1967, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972

5 4606 22.00   ended
T38-1.jpgFramed Collection of Canadian Patches all from 1989

2 4606 6.00   ended
T39-1.jpgOfficial Boy Scout Wallet Box with Pre-owned Leather Wallet, Cap with Insignia and Boy Scout Sweater with Large 1930's era Patch

8 11235 37.55   ended
T40-1.jpgRobert Manson Book Photographe du Scoutisme Copyright 1962, Beautiful Scout Pictures but the words are French in the Book, Boy Scouts Insignia with Photo, and an Offical Boy Scout Camera 127 for Color or Black & White Photos and an Imperial Photoflash.

3 11242 18.00   ended
T41-1.jpgPair of Weighted Hollow Cast Bronze Boy Scout Book Ends in very good condition. They are not official Boy Scout Book ends) and 2 Books by Ralphson, Boy Scouts in the North Sea, Copyright1915 and Boy Scouts in a Submarine Searching the Ocean Floor Copyright 1912.

4 11242 25.55   ended
T42-1.jpg2009 Authentic Recreation of a 1924 Remington Boy Scouts of America Pocket Knife in Original Packaging #RS3333 R1A and Collectors Edition Registration Card.

8 11269 26.00   ended
T43-1.jpgRed Beret, Red Windbreaker (no size tag) , BSA T- Shirt by Jerzees size Large 14-16, Tenderfoot Scout and First Class Scout Wood Signs

3 11235 17.00   ended
T44-1.jpgHandbook of First Aid copyright December 1941, Boy Scout First Aid with partial contents, Right Angle Flashlight , BSA Soap Caddy, Oblong Canteen and an Aluminum Scout Cook Kit in Original Box with Carrying Case

1 4606 5.00   ended
T45-1.jpgBoy's Life November 1951 Uniform Catalog Page, Long Sleeve Shirt Size 13 1/3 Regular, Pants Size 30 and a Pair of Leggings (Spats). One is M, one is Lg.

1 4606 5.00   ended
T46-1.jpg1950 Remington - Green Remie Scout Model Typewriter with Original Case. Case is in rough shape but Typewriter looks nice. One letter bar is a bit bent but all appear to type.

6 11242 39.00   ended
T47-1.jpgHandbook for Boys, 12th Edition 1930, Brown Campaign Hat with Pins and Leather Hat Band and a Picture Frame with 2 Vintage Scout Pictures

4 11262 46.98   ended
T48-1.jpgExplorer Green Uniform with Explorer Manual copyright 1954, Long Sleeved Shirt, Pants with Belt and Buckle, Tie, Tie Bar and Garrison Cap.

3 4606 9.00   ended
T49-1.jpgVintage Advertising with Boy Scouts : Drink Borden's HEMO, Mentholatum, United States Steel Mattress Wire Ad, J & L Steel Tin Cans, 5 Cent Goblin Soap Ad with Scout was Professionally Matted and Framed.

2 4606 10.50   ended
T51-1.jpgPinewood Derby Kit in unopened Box, Cub Scout Patches Framed with Weblos Flashers and Pins, Cub Scout Neckerchiefs, Webelos Neckerchief and Bear Cub Scout Book copyright 1957, A Book The Cub Scout Mystery by Dorothy Sterling copyright 1952.

3 11269 12.01   ended

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