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T4-1.jpgFur Trade Era Voyageurs Pallless Axe Head that has been restored by Thunder Bay Preservation Lab, Regional Archaeology 8" long with a 6" Blade.

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T5-1.jpgVoyageurs Pallless Axe Head, Restored by Thunder Bay Preservation Lab, 7" Long

This axe marking likely represents a trade or exchange value. The small flattened poll might be better called a tomahawk or weapon.
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T6-1.jpgVoyageurs Pallless Axe Head measured 6" long - not yet restored and 2 Strikers

The axes including the rusty one which was baked to ensure low moisture were examined at a lab in Canada to see if the markings could be identified and traced to a specific company or trader group but they could not. The main thing in Canada was to try and identify the markings under UV light and etc. but with no success. They possibly have a NE US origin.
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T211-1.jpgArchaeoligical Pieces Found Near Zamek, Lipowiec, Poland including a Pottery Bowl, Glass Shard, Oil Lamp

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T919-1.jpgCopper Adz, Pounding Tool, Assorted Crystals and Minerals, Arrowheads, Misc Relics including a Piece of the Berlin Wall (authentic)

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