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A Single Thing
Artist: Rick Allen
Media: Letterpress - three colors on thick 100% cotton paper
Size: 13" x 15"

Donated by: Lizzard's Gallery

Please note this item has a very reasonable

Artist Information:


At the western extremity of Lake Superior, the Kenspeckle Letterpress makes its home in Duluth, Minnesota (The Paris of the North). Kenspeckle is a Scottish word meaning easily recognisible or distinctive, and can be applied both to this unique corner of the globe and to the quaint conceits of modern design, which Rick Allen and Marian Lansky produce in their cast iron and digital farefactory.

Rick works back in the 19th Century, printing his wood engravings and linocuts in small editions using multiple blocks and hand coloring, whilst over in the 21 Century, Marian prepares limited edition giclees of Rick’s prints as well as her own.



 Lakewalk Nightlights
Artist: Aaron Kloss
Media: Canvas Print - Oil Painting
Size: 20" x 16"
Value: $100.00

Print Donated by: Lakeside Gallery

Artist Information:

I’m simply influenced by the beautiful landscapes around me which feature bluestone outcroppings covered with thick Birch, Maple, and Evergreen forests. Wildlife is abundant, and so is the inspiration to paint and create the breathtaking vistas all around me. My style is primarily expressive, but I enjoy incorporating enough realism to my work so that the viewer can identify with the image. I also like to focus on lighting and contrast, and you’ll often see shadows and light filtering through my work. People are often intrigued by the brush strokes they see in my paintings, and I often complete a painting with only one brush, which gives my work its unique and distinctive look.

When I’m painting I like to put a work on a display shelf and view it in different lighting throughout the day, then continue adding color until I’m satisfied. After the dust settles and the painting is finished for the day, I often will look over my shoulder and see that one of my beautiful children has been copying me , creating a little masterpiece of their own, which always brings a smile to my face. Artists often agonize over every brush stroke, while children express themselves freely in any medium and any surface. I hope I never lose that childlike passionate joy of creating.


Blue Goat / Moonshadow Farm
Artist: Patricia Canelake
Media: OIl Painting on Linen
Size: 14" x 14"

Original Painting Donated By: Artist

Please note this item has a very reasonable reserve

Artist Information:

Canelake lives and works in Knife River, Minnesota, a small fishing village on the northshore of Lake Superior. She grew up on the Iron Range in Virginia, Minn., where her father ran a handmade candy shop. She presently dips chocolates in Knife River and works at painting and printmaking in her two small, renovated buildings, which face the scenic North Shore highway and Lake Superior. Her rural studio informs her practice immensely and her work often spills out into a large yard where she can stretch canvases outdoors or bring canvases to dry in the northeast winds. Canelake has received two McKnight awards, three Minnesota State Arts Board Grants, Public Art Commissions, and Arrowhead Regional Arts awards. She has participated in over eight national and international artist residencies, including Yaddo and MacDowell Colonies. She taught Media Arts at Highland Park Senior High School in St. Paul, Minn., as well as visual art and art history courses at Lake Superior College, Fond du Lac Community College, and Itasca Community College.



King of the Hill
Artist: Karen Savage Blue
Media: Acrylic on Birch Panel
Size: 10" x 8"

Original Painting Donated By: Artist

Please note this item has a very reasonable reserve

Artist Information:


My understanding and affection for our natural world keeps me creating works of art reflective of the elements that make up its physical nature as well as the spirit that keeps it alive. Drawing and painting the Landscape creates a unique experience for me, I become attuned to its wisdom while observing and deciphering its characteristics. It is always my hope that a better understanding and greater appreciation be created among those who recognize the beauty and power of nature. It is my mission through my art to stir a desire towards living a partnership with earth, to insure the health and wellbeing of our planet (our mother earth) for this generation and all that follow.

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