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Bidding Closed! Maritime Auction, Collector's Estate Part 3 - Auction Begins Closing Sunday, August 5th, 2018 @ 7:00PM

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1.Carvers & Gilders English Ornate Framed Sailing Ship on Board approx 1970 signed Fondant, solid carved frame, very nice, 19 1/2" x 23 1/2" by 3 " deep.

2.Huge 60" Ship's Wheel Wood and Brass

3.Wood Shipping Crate with Hinged Lid 27 1/2" x 18" x 16".

4.Life Ring (Buoy) 30" tall from the Walter Watson ocean going ship.

5.Life Ring (Buoy) 30" from the James A. Farrell ocean going ship.

6.Life Ring (Buoy) 30" from the William A. Irvin ocean going ship….this is the Ship that is parked in the Duluth Harbor.

7.Antique Kahlenberg Engine Order Telegraph mfg by the Milwaukee Co approximately 100 years ago. Measuring 41" high/48" to the top of the handle. It came from the Ruth Hindman -Owen Sound Ship.

8.Life Ring (Buoy) 30" from the Ruth Hindman-Owen Sound ocean going vessel - same ship as the Telegraphcame from in the previous lot.

9.Copper Square Box Boat Compass probably from a 36' Life Boat. It has Red and Green adjusting balls and has been electrified but there is no light bulb inside at present.

10.Ship's Air Scoop used to bring fresh air below decks. It measures 29" tall with an 11" Scoop opening.

11.Brass Boat Compass and Binnacle in decent condition. Compass is floating in alcohol, #8 for a Medium size vessel. Heavy Handle Carefully.

12.Brass Porthole with Deadlight Cover and 4 Dogs, overall diameter is 17".

13.78" 5x5 Stern Towing Post from a 36' Coast Guard Boat that was taken out of service in Grand Marais - it burned in Nov 1969. Picture of the Coast Guard Boat is included. Original brass bolts for anchoring are included.

14.Antique Butterfield Life Jacket sz Adult, Tapat Co Brand mfg by the American Textile Co. Ohio.

15.Brass Ships Wheel, a 2 foot wheel from a Sherman V (5) Tugboat.

16.6 Foot Oak Ship's Wheel with Brass Center and Keyway from the Russell Hubbard. Grooves on the handle marked neutral rudder position when positioned straight up. Picture of the Russell Hubbard is included. This ship had a very long life. Was lengthened in Duluth in 1957. in 1985 it was sold to Brazil where it was eventually scrapped.

17.3 foot Type 7 Atlantic Boat Submarine Ship Model in Lighted Case measuring 42" x 11" 8 1/2". Original Model box of completer parts is included. Case measures 42" long x 11" x 8 1/2".

18.Huge Copper Masthead Lamp with Ribbed Glass that has been electrified. Measuring 15" tall by 11" wide it was made to be hoisted up the mast on ropes and had brackets to hold it in position on the mast.

19.Huge Copper Masthead Lamp with Ribbed Glass that has been electrified. Measuring 15" tall by 11" wide it was made to be hoisted up the mast on ropes and had brackets to hold it in position on the mast.

20.Large Solid Brass 20" Screw that was from a ship that was scrapped in Thunder Bay.

21.Laval Steam Turbine Brass Casing Pressure Gauge mfg in Trenton, N.J./Bridgeport N.Y. registered in 1895, Serial #26166

22.Aldiss Search & Signal Lamp with Shutters - Japanese Made and in nice condition. It measures 23" tall with a 12" wide opening.

23.Huge Block with 10" sheave measuring 33" x 10" x 8", large hook.

24.Dobbie & McInnes 55" tall Steering BDC Compass with adjusting Magnets. Base appears to be Teak. It has been electrified with side and bottom light. Magnifying Spider light inside is intact. The Shutter works. Chart tube on back is intact and Heeling Indicater is intact. Truly a great Compass and Binnacle with all "bells & whistles" still intact!

25.Brass Ship's Passageway Light with Wood Handle measuring 17" x 9". Kerosene Lamp with original burner inside.

26.17" x 9" Passageway Light with Wood Handle, Tin Plated and has been electrified.

27.Chadburn - Bendix Style Ships Engine Order Telegraph with Bell, 42" tall (48" to top of handle), 9" deep. It is lighted and has a rheostat

28.Steel 24" Masthead Light, Anchor 3M, Hangs from the top but is held in position with ropes. In great condition, it was a kerosene lamp but it has been electrified and works great.

29.Telescope - Brashear Military Scope, WWI 1907 Field Range Observation & Depression. It is Brass and very heavy. It has 2 Objective Lenses 15 & 25 and is 28" in overall length. It has a custom wood case. These are pre WW I instruments and were used for artilery purposes - a very similar scope was made by Vickers and used in England for artillery and coastal observation.

Included with this Scope is a Biography of John Alfred Brashear, Scientist and Humanitarian, copyright 1940 by University of Philadelphia Press.John A. Brashear was a well known and renowned optics designer and maker. His optics were expensive in their time and very desirable.
30.Large Wooden Tripod in Carry Case that can work with either Brashear Telescope needing a knuckle to attach to the scope.

31.GUSTAV BECKER Ship's Clock - This Clock was removed for repair from a German Uboat, U736. At the end of the war the UBoat was sunk in the Bay of Biscayne before the clock was put back.

32.Russian Ships Clock - After the war the Russians took over the clock factory and continued making clocks modeled after the one in the Gustav Becker into the 1990's.

33.Seth Thomas Ships Clock with Brass Wheel, has ships bells sounding the hours. This clock needs a clock Key to wind.

34.Chelsea US Navy Ships Clock, 10" Black.

35.7" Seth Thomas Round Ship's Clock. Nickel Plated Brass, has Bells and Radium Hands (glow in the dark).

36.Starboard Lantern with Green Glass Lens 16" x 11" wide. Fits ships corner for Starboard Viewing.

37.Hand Crafted Chadburn Telegraph Lamp - Lighted - Movement Dings - has moving lever and follower. Measures 18" tall with a 7" face.

38.Vintage Masthead Lamp that has been electrified but still has parts to be converted back to kerosene. Has top and bottom brackets to hold the lamp in place when hoisted up the mast. Anchor #5 Birmingham, patented 1844. Measuring 22" to the top of the bail x 9" in daimeter. Very good Lamp!

39.Clinometer Compass & Binnacle. Tokyo Keiki Seizosho Co Ltd. In need of work to finish setting it up. Has compartments with adjustable slides, Compass inside with Gimbles. Includes oil lantern. Was electrified by the Japanese. Included are infor sheets - NEEDS lubing before using Cranks! Iris Control and On/Off switch. Heeling indicator not intact. Wood appears to be teak. Upper Brass case has been polished.

40.Large Brass Fish House Scale, 14" long from North Shore Fish House.

41.Wooden Double Block Strapped 5".

42.Wood Snatch Block with 4" sheave.

43.Galvanized 6" sheave Snatch Block.

44.Triple Block. Wood, 3" sheave.

45.Antique Wooden Sailboat Hull with Metal Keel. 16" x 9".

46.Brass 16" Yacht Wheel with Mahogany Spindles.

47.Small Electrified Brass Port and Starboard Light, works.

48.Small Copper Masthead Light with Reflector - Electrified 9" tall by 5" wide.

49.Ship Builders Badge PASCOL Pin, Brass Alarm Bell, Switch, Small Metal Ships Items

50.Metal Porcelain Signs "General Alarm When Bell Rings Go to Your Station" measures 5" x 7", "Your Station Life Boat #1, 5" x 2 1/2", Ladderway.

51.Trio of Small Brass Propellers.

52.Detex Watchclock Corp, New York, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta. In Leather case, 6" in diameter. Has a 2" Clock Face from the Duluth Coast Guard. Needs Key.

53.Hardinge Bros. Watchman Clock, Detex from shipyard in Thunder Bay. Leather Case 6" in diameter with 2" clock face, needs Key.

54.Brass German Watchman's Clock recovered from the Japanese after WWII. Opens to place round time card inside to punch. Beautiful Piece. Has Japanese Key Tag for operating and winding. Includes an original paper time card disc. Clock measures 4" with a 2" clock face.

55.Huge 4 Dog Brass Porthole with good glass. 19" glass with a 22" overall width.

56.Copper Portside Light in wonderful condition. It has been ellectrified with screw brackets top, measuring 15" high by 12" wide.

57.Brass Porthole missing deadlight cover, measuring 12" .

58.10" Brass Porthole.

59.Telescope Depression Position Finder 1907. All Brass, painted olive drab and very heavy. 1907 Brashear Military Observation and Artilliary Ranging Telescope with Eyepiece Ports. Has Objective Barrell and other parts Pittsburgh, PA #246. Wooden Case - will still run in and out. Military Scope, weight balance, sunshade, mask, missing 2 eyepieces 15 & 25 or reticle. These are pre WW I instruments and were used for artilery purposes - a very similar scope was made by Vickers and used in England for artillery and coastal observation.

John A. Brashear was a well known and renowned optics designer and maker. His optics were expensive in their time and very desirable. An Autobiography of John A. Brashear, The Man Who Loved the Stars, copyright 1924, New York, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers 1924, is included with this telescope.
60.US Navy Boat Bell with mounting bracket froma small craft.

61.Brass Bell and Striker marked SS Montauk. Unknownif it is real or replica.

62.Vintage Metal Stem Cap from a Herring Skiff, Metal Propeller and 1945 Boat Tag (License) and Military Flotation Light Fulton attaches to life jacket- old style - waterproof. Excellent condition..

63.Starboard Lantern with Green Glass from Great Lakes vessel, well worn.

64.Three mariner caps

65.Antique 6" Brass Tube - Carried messages from the ship's captain rolled up inside. Screw on end kept the message dry.

66.Brass Bell with Wooden Handle. Inscription says "Captain's Table 1st Class Only"

67.Vintage Sailor's Cap, after WWII this Sailor would have been on a Cruiser - Modern Prince Eugen with a White Cap Cover for Dress Uniform.

68.English or Canadian Sailor's Dress Cap

69.Vintage US Nvy Wool Felt Cap flattened for packing, approximately WW II era.

70.Newer US Navy Wool Felt Cap

71.Volksmarine German Sailor's Cap from Baltic or Coast Guard post WW 11.

72.Soviet Russian Military Training Military Marine School Sailor's Cap

73.Cap Tally - US Naval Training Station - Info:A sailor cap is a round, flat visorless hat worn by sailors in many of the world's navies. A tally, an inscribed black silk ribbon, is tied around the base which usually bears the name of a ship or a navy. Many navies (e.g. the German) tie the tally at the rear of the cap and let the two ends hang down to the shoulders as decorative streamers. In the Royal Navy the tally is tied off in a bow over the left ear and in the early 20th century it was customary when going on shore leave to tie a small coin in the bow to make it stand out. In wartime, as a security measure, many navies replace the name of the ship with a generic title (e.g. "HMS" = "His/Her Majesty's Ship" in the Royal Navy or "South African Navy"). The cap may be further embellished with a badge, cockade or other accessory. Visorless caps of this kind began to be worn in the mid 19th century.

74.Freighter Cap and Casual Service Navy Cap

75.Pair of East German Naval Caps, Different Grades.

76.Cap Tallys from Sailors Caps from different ships: Triumph, Curson, Berryhead, Queensborough

77.Cap Tallys from HMS Ganges, MS Poseigon, HMS Dolphin

78.Cap Tallys from HMAS Onslow, HMS Centurion, TS Indomitable NTC ( National Training College)

79.West German Sailor's Uniform White Cotton Shirt, Navy Blue Wool Overshirt. Stored Carefully and in excellent condition, no mothing found and the Shirt is still pressed!

80.Fitron 121 (Naval Flight Squadron) Sailor's Uniform with Necktie, Shirt and Wool Pants marked All Wool, 1940, JE Company, Ltd, Trouser Service Express Size 7. Sleeve Tag on the Shirt says "Fitron 121" and under the Collar is a tag that shows George Humphrey, Service number B59-267, 100% Wool, Stored Carefully, no mothing found, excellent condition.

81.Navy Peacoat ,100% Wool. The Peacoat was for use enlisted ranks on vessels and on shore stations. Peacoats became standard wear in both the Navy and Coast Guard in the 20th Century. This Coat is 6 Button Double Breasted with Phenolic Anchor Buttons (2 are missing), having Broad Lapels and Slash Pockets. The lining is intact, was stored carefully, no mothing found. Excellent Condition.

82.Navy Wool Dress Jacket/Coat with tag Size 32, Brass Buttons, Fully lined and in Excellent Condition, stored carefully, no mothing found.

83.Marked U104K with 3 Crowns, Naval Wool Double Breasted Dress Coat with Brass Buttons, no size tag. This coat is as beautifully lined inside as it is in excellent condition outside, stored carefully, no mothing found. Clearly an officer's Coat with embroidered 6 on the Sleeve Cuffs. The underside of the Buttons are marked Stockholm so this appears to be a Swedish Naval coat. This a true Navy Blue color, some pictures appear lighter due to the camera flash.

84.Howard Sivertson, well known Minnesota Artist. Three Framed, Signed Art Prints, The American Connection, The Hiram Dixon and The Winyah each measuring 14 1/2" x 11 1/2".

85.Large Model of the Edmund Fitzgerald from Carr Hobby. Vintage Model, new in box, never assembled.

86.Huge 24" Round Brass American Eagle Disc, Beautiful Condition, Very Heavy. It came from a Federal building being demolished in Mpls. Supposedly came from a court room.

87.Fishing Net with Floats most likely a herring net.

88.Fishing Net Mending Tools, Large Fishing Hook, Anchor Rope Cut Off Weighed Tool, Small Brass Fish Scale

89.Large Fishing Net with Floats and Weights, used on Lake Superior most likely a herring net.

90.Vintage Fishing Net Box with Rollers for Fishing Boat used to let out the net out over the rollers and haul it back into the boat

92.3 Lighthouse Pictures and a Vintage Suede Grand Marais Memory Book

93.5 Vintage Pictues of Fishermen, Fishing Boats

94.3 Tugboat Pictures and a Canadian Great Lakes Vessel Picture

95.Framed QE II Menu Cover, Man the Guns Join The Navy Framed Sign, 1993 Postcards of Titanic, White Star Lines, Pictures of Cunard Lines Steamers

96.4 Old Great Lakes Black & White Ships Pictures and a SOS Sticker "Save Ontario Ships"

97.Antique Tall Ship Picture in Gold Frame with Bubble/curved Glass and a Tall Ship Print, unframed.

98.Vintage Shipmate Chart Scale by Lyman Metal Products, Norwalk, Conn. Lyman Metal Products started up in 1956 and is no longer in business. This Shipmate Scale although quite old is in new condition in original box.

99.Large Vintage Ocean Painting , Original Oil by A.J. Shelton, Maine, titled Pounding Surf, frame measures 35" x 30".

100.Adjustable Screw. It Came from what local fishermen called a "gas boat." These were generally 20 or more feet in length with a covered hood up front. The water cooled gasoline engine (often a Gray Marine) would produce clouds of vapor trailing behind the boat. This one measures 81" long and the screw is 12" across.

101.Anchor 33"

102.Anchor 34"

103.Anchor 39"

104.Ship's Wheel, Black Iron, Large tugs were part of the old Dawson Highway linking Port Arthur and Fort William with Winnipeg before the rail and road was completed. This wheel came from an abandoned, submerged tug near Shebandowan on the route. Tugs were usually sized to the lake/lakes they had to travel and most were steam vessels.

105.Large Anchor 48".

106.Galvanized Anchor 28".

107.Muzzle covers went on artillery pieces same as the artillery jacks in the auction were originally intended for use on specific portable gun mounts. This muzzle cover was is an unopened package.

108.1961 U.S. Lake Survey Maps, Lake Superior No. 97, Lake Superior No. 98, Isle Royale-Michigan No. 981. Large Charts in Great Condition.

109.Large Quetico Maps, showing topography, blueprint style.

110.Three anchors

111.Framed Standard Colors - Great Lakes Fleet print and framed Eugene P. Thomas photograph.

112.HUGE ASSORTMENT OF LAKE MAPS and a Metal 5 Drawer Map Cabinet with Lake Superior and Area Lakes Maps. 41" x 16" x 28". Some of the maps in this file are: Fishing and Hunting Guide Maps of the Nipigon River, Lac Des Mille, Northern Light Lake; Fishers Canoe Country Book of 15 Maps of Superior-Quetico; Topographical maps of Farquhar Peak Quadrangle, South Fowl Lake Quadrangle, Northern Light Lake Canoe Routes; Maps of Gunflint Lake, Sea Gull, Saganaga, Big Saganaga, North South Fowl, Pigeon River, McKenzie-Upper Shebandowan, Lower Shebandowan, Moose, Knife, Insula, Sturgeon, Poobah, Maligne River, Jean Batchewaung, West Pickerel, East Pickerel, French, Cache, Canthook, Plummes, Titmarsh, Crooked, Darky, Sarah, Crane, Sand Point, Lac La Croix, Vermilion, Trout, Agnes, West Rainy, Kabetogama and East Rainy, Burntside, Basswood, Beaverhouse and Quetico Lakes. Travel and Entry Points of the Superior National Forest. Many More Maps, in these drawers, a Superior Collection!!!
114.LARGE POSTERS of the QUEEN MARY 2, celebrating the MAIDEN VOYAGE January 12, 2004.
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