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Bidding Closed! NORTHSHORE COLLECTOR'S ESTATE Part 1 - Auction Begins Closing Sunday, July 22, 2018 @ 7:00PM

Item Description
0A.UPDATED: 7-17-18! We will be offering transport / shipping of items back to our Warehouse in Superior, WI. They will then be able to be picked up onsite there. Items available for shipping must be 18" X 18" X 18" and smaller. Some larger items may be available for shipping if and only if arrangements are made ahead of bidding. Prices will start at $5.00 per lot. Items that need to packed will start at $7.50 per lot. We will discount shipping for multiple lots. Items needed to be shipped from our warehouse to surrounding states will be responsible for actual shipping costs in addition to transportation fee to Twin Ports Bid in Superior, WI. Please contact us with any questions. 715-718-2148.




1.Original Artwork by Northwoods Artist, W. Murray, 24" x 20" Frame, Wall Mount Lighting Included

2.Brian R. Holden Watercolor - Urban/Rural a Study of Relationships in the Northern Environment, S/N Brian R. Holden 76/85 measuring 36 x 29 Framed, Lighting Included.

3.Beautiful Birch Basket Handcrafted at Fort William by "Florence", Wood and Leather Clasp. It measures 20" x 10" x 8".

4.Fur Trade Era Voyageurs Pallless Axe Head that has been restored by Thunder Bay Preservation Lab, Regional Archaeology 8" long with a 6" Blade.

5.Voyageurs Pallless Axe Head, Restored by Thunder Bay Preservation Lab, 7" Long

This axe marking likely represents a trade or exchange value. The small flattened poll might be better called a tomahawk or weapon.
6.Voyageurs Pallless Axe Head measured 6" long - not yet restored and 2 Strikers

The axes including the rusty one which was baked to ensure low moisture were examined at a lab in Canada to see if the markings could be identified and traced to a specific company or trader group but they could not. The main thing in Canada was to try and identify the markings under UV light and etc. but with no success. They possibly have a NE US origin.
7.Pipestone Peace Pipe with Wooden Pipe Stem measuring 16" Long

8.Pipestone Buffalo, Hand Carved Native Art measuring 3" x 2 1/2"

9.Vintage Hand Made Fish Skin Rattle-beater, Dream Catcher and Cord Bound Sweet Grass

10.Very Old Bung for Tapping a Keg, - The Propietor had to Use a Key to Open up the Tap, marked F. Messmen Mfg Co, St Louis

11.Folding Snowshoe Chair signed Tubbs in great condition

12.Wooden Wannigan with Lid and Rope Handles measuring 29" x 17" x 12 1/2" for carrying supplies in a canoe.

13.Hudson's Bay Blanket, Ivory color with Green, Red, Yellow and Blalck Stripes, 4 point measuring 68" x 86", good condition.

14.Hudson's Bay Blanket, 6 Point, Red Wool with Black Stripe, Good condition, 90" x 96"

15.Vintage Hudson's Bay Wool Jacket, unlined but in Good condition, All buttons attached, Men's Large.

16.Beautiful Caribou Fur Pelt 50" x 36" in good condition.

17.Arctic Fox Cased Fur Pelt measuring 35" x 10"

18.Vintage Bear Skin Rug mounted on Burgundy and Black Felt. It measures 44" x 47".

19.Folding Snowshoe Chair signed Tubbs in great condition with Tie On Chair Pads.

20.Wooden Wannigan with Lid and Rope Handles measuring 30 1/2" x 20" x 15" for carrying supplies in a canoe.

21.Hudson's Bay Blanket, 3 1/2 Point, Red Wool with Black Stripe measuring 60" x 78" in good condition.

22.Hudson's Bay Blanket, 4 Point, Ivory with Red, Black, Green and Yellow Stripes measuring 68" x 86" in good condition.

23.Moose Skull and Large Deer Antler

24.Sterling Silver Fur Trade Style Jewelry, 2 Crosses and a Round Sterling Agawa Pendant, AGAWA is based on a pictograph at Agawa Canyon, Lake Superior, Ontario.

25.Large Vintage Hewing Axe with an 111/2" Blade, 36" Long stamped 832 amd M- 24

26.#1 Devilfish Dawn, August 2010, by Sandy Updyke measuring 24" x 16". Photography on Aluminum Plate

27.Vintage Hand Crafted Birch Bark Canoe Measuring 36" long by 9" wide. It includes 2 Fish Baskets, 2 Spears and 2 Oars, Very well crafted and in good condition.

28.Handcrafted Birch Bark Basket by Florence in Ontario. Basket has Leather Cord Strap and is holding a Full Bag for Corn Cake Smoking Tobacco vey old.

29.Antique Fur Trade Era Copper Maple Syrup Container with Wooden Lid, one handle bracket was broken off. Measures 14" x 13".

30.Vintage Leather Shooters Bag with Genuine Cowhide, Mesh Pocket, Elastic Shell Holders, 3 Dividers and Adjustable Leather Strap.

31.Antique Quill Embellished Birch Bark 6 Sided Basket measuring 5" Tall.

32.Vintage Native American Beaded Necklace with Leather Tie Strap in Wonderful Condition, measuring 19".

33.Birch Bark Canoe made of Thick Canoe Grade Bark with 2 Wooden Paddles, measuring 62" long x 9 1/2" wide and the Paddles are 20" long.

34.Eric Mase, Ely, MN Hand crafted Birch Basket made of Thick Canoe Grade Bark with Split Cedar Rim, Full Lashing with Spruce Root and decorated with an Etched Moose, 9 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 6 1/2".

35.Large Birch Bark Basket measuring 12" x 14" in good condition.

36.Intricately Crafted Birch Bark Round Box with Lid adorned with Quill Art around and on Top in Red and White, 3 " in Diameter.

37.Handcrafted 11" Birch Bark Basket with 16 Bear Claws and a Rattlesnake Tail.

38.Tall Moccasins made of Orange and Tan Felt adorned with Beading on the Foot and around the Top above the Fringe. From Heel to top it measures 13", foot is 9" long.

39.Eric Mase - 3 Fathom Ojibway, 7 Bay, Rice Harvesting Canoe measuring 48" long x 9" wide. Handcrafted by Eric Mase of Ely, MN. COA Included. This is 1/4 Scale of Original 18' 10" Ojibway Canoe Company. Harry purchased this one from Eric 18 years ago. See Eric Mase on Facebook to see his craft and the value of his canoe models.

40.Birch Bark Basket with Sharks Teeth

41.Fish Skin Rattle Necklace with Braided Bead Neck Chain

42.Birch Bark Basket measuring 11" x 12 1/2".

43.Quill Art Birch Bark Round Box with Lid adorned with Red Porcupine Quills measuring 3" x 2 1/2" in good condition.

44.Beaded Leather Neck Choker with Leather tie Strap and a Round Birch Bark Basket Etched with Flowers measuring 5" x 3 1/4" in good condition.

45.Pair of Birch Bark Baskets, one with Leather Strap 7" x 6" and one is Round 5 1/4" x 5 1/4", both in good condition.

46.Glass Bead Choker with repeating design in Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red and White, has felt tie strap. Beading measured 17 1/2" long.

47.Vintage Quill Art Birch Cylinder Box with Lid made in Grand Portage that the Owner bought there ca 1960. It still carries the old price tag. Excellent Condition, 4 1/2" across by 5 1/2" high.

48.Very Large Birch Bark over Wood Strip Canoe with Woven Edge measuring 6 Feet long.

49.Bark Sided Basket with Woven Rim and Base. It measures 9" Tall and 10" across.

50.Slab Wood with Hidden Drawer crafted and Signed by Douglas A. Pope, 11 1/2" long.

51.Wood Stump Stool in Good Condition.

52.Red Wing 6 Gallon Crock with 'Wood Lid

53.Pair of Vintage Walleye Mounts , 21" and 22" long display as is or recondition.

54.Large Northern Pike Mount measuring 39" long.

55.Large Walleye Mount measuring 22" long.

56.Vintage Red Wooden Canoe with Paddles, 24" long and a Canoe Trips Picture.

57.Vintage Small Wooden Canoe Model on Stand with Paddles, approx 24" long.

58.Southwestern Pastels Acrylic Painting signed J.R.Speer, a known Southwestern Artist, measuring 43" x 33" frame.

59.Navajo Rug, Ganado Red, Black Grey matching Pattern in good condition measuring 4' by 7'3".

More info on the Navajo Rugs in this auction: Heavier or coarse (not much of that in this collection) weave in a rug earned it the category of "tourist" rug produced quickly and in greater volume for tourists. The larger one I have is a 1920's specimen. The others are not tourist rugs and I doubt any of them dates too late, say later than '58 when Sam began having more health issues. At least two of the specimens (if you recall) have spirit threads; a relatively good sign for both authenticity and quality. If I recall correctly the source of most of these was a place called Richardson's Trading Post in Arizona, but Sam also had a ranch around Eagle Butte, Montana so who knows where-all he stopped and went on his travels between there and the family home in Texas
60.Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug in Black, Tan, Grey and White, measuring 47" x 81". Good condition, fine weave.

61.Navajo Storm Rug, Red, Black, Grey, White ,measuring 34" x 55 1/2", fine weave, good condition.

62.Navajo Rug, Red, Grey, Black , White, Matching Pattern, Fine Weave, 59" x 41".

63.Two Grey Hills/Ganado Red Navajo Rug in Red, Black, White Matching Pattern measuring 42" x 70" good condition.

64.Navajo Two Grey Hills Tapestry 39" x 47", Good Weave, Grey, Tan, Black, White. Has condition issues and may need some restoration.

65.Navajo Rug measuring 29 1/2" x 58", Grey, Red, Brown, Tan and White, some red color fading.

66.Navajo Style Rug, coarse weave, measuring 48" x 80" in Brown, tan, and Red.

67.Ganado Red/Storm Navajo Rug with matching pattern in Red, Grey, Black and White measuring 45" x 80"

68.Navajo Rug, Two Grey Hills Matching Pattern, good condition, Red, White, Grey, Black measuring 39 1/2" x 61 1/2"

69.Navajo Rug in Cream, Red, Black and Tan matching pattern measuring 29" x 58 1/2", good condition.

70.Rare Navajo Yei Ceremonial Piece about the Corn Maiden measuring 35" x 33" has some color bleed and in need of some restoration, still beautiful.

72.Antique Rug measuring 76" x 41".

73.Flemish Rug, 28" x 53" and a Small Persian Rug, 29 1/2" x 24".

74.Very Old Mexican Woven Blanket of good quality with brilliant coloration measuring 51" x 86", pre 1950. Some edge wear but overall good condition.

75.Mexican "Navajo" Blanket with a Pair of matching Rugs. Blanket is 64" wide x 96" long and the side rugs measure 28" x 52" each.

76.Tom McCann - Temples of Time - Oil Of Lake Superior on Board, 1995, Framed by Larson Juhl measuring 16" x 14".

77.Island Tenting on the Lake s/n Harvey Sandstrom 99 of 350 measuring 30" x 26" Framed

78.Original Watercolor, "Quimper" Brittany by Gyrth Russell, 1892-1970, Gyrth Russell was a prolific and clever Artist whose works were much sought after during his lifetime and have become increasingly more so since his death, Frame measures 13" x 16".

79.Gyrth Russell Original Watercolor, Grand Rue - Mont St Michel. Gyrth Russell 1892-1970 was a prolific and clever Artist whos works were much sought after during his life and are becoming more so after. This lovely framed watercolor measures 13" x 16". The Gyrth Russell Watercolors were purchased from Arthur Akermann & Sons of London & Chicago.

80.John Spelman - Log Fishing Cabin on the Lake by John Spelman, local Northwoods Artist. Frame measures 26 1/2" x 20"

81.John Spelman Block Print, titled Hedstrom's East Bearskin Mill signed by John Spelman, local Northwoods Artist. Frame measures 24" x 21"

82.George Morrison Art Print s/n 14 of 50 signed G. Morrison, 1976, Frame Measures 30" x 30". George Morrison 1919-2000 is a Celebrated Minnesota Artist with his work in many Museums. This is a very limited edition Print. Also included is an envelope addressed to Harry from George Morrison with a color card of one of his Wood Creations inside.

84.Bryan R. Holden - Original Watercolor signed by the artist, Brian R. Holden, Titled 10 O'clock Summer Evening 1987, The frame measures 12 1/2" x 15 1/2".

85.Betty D. Brown - Northshore, an Original Watercolor by Betty D Brown, founder of the Arrowhead Art Society, Signed 11 x 9 Framed, Also Northern River by Tom Thompson, 14 x 11 Framed

86.Northern Sunset Watercolor by Marilyn L Morton, 8 1/2 x 4 1/2 Framed. Also a 9 x 7 Framed Block Print on Birch Bark by Lloyd Sherer,

87.Brian R. Holden - Early Evening Calm, 1987 Signed Watercolor by Brian R Holden 22 x 18 Framed.

88.Oil Painting on Board - Cherry Treew/ Stone Fence by Tom Matsow, signed. 19 x 25 1/2" Framed

89.Jeremy Chase Photo, 12 x 15 Framed.

90.Koss Fish House, Big Bay, Hovland 10" x 14", Crow's Nest Cabin 5 x 6 1/2".

91.Old Print Picture of a Fishing Scene with a Rustic Wood Frame measuring 22" x 16".

92.Window Quilt by Barbara Wiltz14 1/2" x 20 1/2". Mixed Media - Watercolor and Crayon.

93.Neil Godfrey resin bronze Standing Boy measuring 17" Tall and well known "Greek Boy with Thorn" bronzed plaster, 9" Tall.

94.Statue of David Conquering Goliath by Donatello measuring 11 1/2" tall with Marble Base.

95.Havilland Limoges H&C/L China, Coffee Creamer and Sugar with Underplates in the Anchors and Thistle pattern.

96.Limoges Wm. Guerin & Co France Dinnerware in Ivory with Green and Gold Trim. Set is not complete, two edge chips found, set is as pictured.

97.5 Limoges Blue and White Cups and Saucers for Cocoa plus a Blue and White Biscuit Jar with lid, unmarked.

98.Cut Glass Nappy and Cut Glass Bowl, some edge nicks found but overall very nice.

99.Copeland Spode English China, Wicker Dale Pattern, Service for 12 in wonderful Condition, small nick found on creamer and crack on salt shaker. All other pieces appear to be in great condition. Each Place Setting includes , dinner plate, salad plate, bread and butter plate, soup bowl and cup and saucer.

100.French Bronze Hand laid Ormolu Clock with Side Pieces. This Clock was crafted at the turn of the last century. The pendulum is included. The Side Pieces once had Candelabrum but they were removed. It is Rare to find a grouping like this and have the opportunity to buy.

101.Brass Wine Cooler, center holds the ice and has a well for a Wine Bottle on each side.

102.Set of Sterling Silver Flatware in Southern Rose Pattern Service for 10 plus 2 Serving Pieces in Vintage Wooden Case. First debuted in 1933, Manchester Southern Rose offers an elaborate sterling floral design that envelops the entire surface of the stem and handle, bringing the beauty of sterling to every meal. Manchester Sterling Silver Flatware Set includes 10 Knives, 10 Dinner Forks, 10 Salad Forks, 10 Teaspoons, 10 Cream/Soup Spoons, Sugar Spoon and Spreader.

103.Set of Brass Flatware from Siam, 29 pieces in a Wooden Case plus Three extra Service Pieces marked Siam.

104.Italian Oil Painting in an ornate frame. The commission was to paint Owner's home on Lake Superior. The large Wood Shipping Crate is included, Width of the frame is 4 1/2". Frame measures 35" x 43 1/2".

105.Atwater Kent Radio with Round Atwater Kent Speaker. This is a magnificent piece of radio history. VERY RARE PAIR, Atwater Kent Model 35 Receiving Set from 1926 and an Atwater Kent Type E Radio Speaker.(All Original) Receiving Set finish is very good with some wear from the nearly 100 years of it's existence. It is all original, including bulbs, wires, and battery wires. It features a beautiful crest shield with very small bakelite knobs. Knobs are in great shape. This pair hasn't been tested, but is in such good condition.

106.Aladdin Model 12 Oil Lamp with Aladdin Glass Chimney and Frosted Glass Shade,

107.Electrified Oil Lamp with Glass Chimney and Good Glass Shade with Floral Decoration measuring 21" tall.

108.2 Vintage Oil Lamps with Good Glass Chimneys 18 1/2" to top of Chimneys.

109.Ornate Oil Lamp with Milk Glass Shade, B & H, and Good Glass Chimney 20" tall.

110.Aladdin Model 12 Lamp that has been electrified. 18 3/4" to the top of the chimney.

111.Nu Type Aladdin Oil Lamp with Green Glass Shade and Good Glass Chimney, 24" tall.

112.Stained Glass Lamp with good Weighted Base measuring 24" to the top of the finial, excellent condition.

113.Stained Glass Desk Lamp, 21" High, Shade is 16" wide, excellent condition.

114.Pine Cone Table Lamp measuring 24" tall.

115.Vintage Pair of Shawnee Bambi Lamps in Excellent Condition although the cords are aged and should be replaced.

116.Vintage Log Cabin Sunset Lamp. Round with Metal Top and Base, Heats up and light changes on scenes. Measures 9 1/2" Tall.

117.Stained Glass Looking Small Lamp 14" tall in nice condition with a Heavy Base.

118.Blue and White Ginger Jar Lamp, 14" tall.

119.Oil Lamp with Green Glass Shade and Cear Base measuring 18" Tall and an exterior outside Lantern style lamp, 11" tall.

120.Electrified Coleman Lamp.

121.Vintage Wall Mount Angle Lamp with Clear Globe and Chimney, electrified. There is a small chip in the edge of the globe, not visible when the shade is on.

122.Vintage Wall Mount Angle Lamp with Clear Globe and Milk Glass Shade, includes extra Globe, has On/Off Toggle Switch.

123.Vintage Wall Mount Oil Lamps with Swing Arms, Metal Brackets, Glass Chimneys and Round Reflectors. Very nice condition, under one screw on cap the glass is chipped, no other issues on this nice set.

124.Lamp Shades, Milk Glass Lamp Shade and a Pair of Very Old, Delicate Small Shades.

125.Vintage Lamp Parts, Good Chimneys, Brackets, Screens, Finials and Wicks

126.Vintage Aladdin Lamp Parts- New in the Box Wicks, Chimney, Milk Glass Shade with 10 3/4" diameter base, Vintage Aladding Electrified Part.

127.Pair of Vintage Red Glass Quilted Shades in 2 Different Styles and a Large Reflector

128.Pair of Cranberry Glass Bobeches with Glass Prisms. 3 Pieces measuring 14" Tall.

129.Tall Brass Table Lamp 26 1/2" and a Box of Lamp Parts, Exterior Brass Lamp with Good Glass, 13" Tall.

130.Two Sconces with Good Glass Shades and one New Double Light Fixture all with Mounting Hardware.

131.Vintage Lamp Parts and Cast Iron Stove Parts marked T-C 113

132.Antique Brass Candle Lamp from a Pullman RXR Car, Wall Mount Style with Good Glass Chimney, very Good Comdition, Wall Bracket included, MFG by Adams Westlake Company, Chicago

133.Antique Large Sunshine Biscuits Tin measuring 10 1/4 x 10 1/4 x 11 1/2 incheswith a good hinged lid.

134.Pair of Vintage Round Potato Chip Tins, Jay's Potato Chips and Old Dutch Potato Chips, 7 1/2 x 11 1/2inches tall.

135.Pair of Vintage Potato Chips Tins, New Era and Red Dot Potato Chips 7 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches tall.

136.Pair of Vintage Round Tins, Red Dot Popcorn and New Era Potato Chips 7 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches tall.

137.Vintage Bordens Malted Milk Tin, 12 1/2 x 6 x 6 inches and a Glass Arrowhead Cooperative Creamery Duluth Handled Milk Jug 12 inches tall.

138.National Biscuit Company Premium Soda Crackers Tin 9 x 8x 7 inches, Pioneer Buttermilk Biscuit Mix Carton 8 1/2 inches tall.

139.8 Vintage Cocoa Mix Tins

140.Vintage 1 lb Coffee Tins, the Yacht Club tin is unopened and still has the key on the bottom plus a Yacht Club Recipe Book

141.Sunshine Biscuits Tin and Stanley Syrup 1/2 Gallon Tin

142.Large Round Hershey's Chocolate Tin, Large Round Campfire Marshmallows Tin and Small Campfire Marshmallows Tin

143.Assorted Matchboxes and Tins

144.Vintage Coffee Tins

145.Vintage Marmalade Crock Jars, Nabob Glass Coffee Jar, Mason Pint Jar , Mellin's Infants Food, Boston

146.Assorted Baking Powder Tins and Metal "Pure Baking Powder " Sign.

147.Assorted Tins and Quaker Oats Boxes

148.Large Round Campfire Marshmallows Tin, FFV Saltines and Empire Coffee Tin

149.Huge #14 Ovenware Yelloware Bread Bowl with Pink and Blue Stripes, Repaired Outside Edge Chip and a Klahan'rd 6" Ovenware Bowl

150.High Top Pine Pawfoot Table with 4 Pawfoot Round top Stools. Table measures 42" x 42" and stools are 30" high with 17" Seats.

151.Queen Size Log Bed Frame - Pine. Headboard 68 1/2" wide by 48 1/2" Tall. Log Headboard, Footboard and Side Rails, Queen Box Spring and Mattress in clean condition included.

152.Pine Log Cabin Style Dresser. Well made, 64" wide by 22" deep and 34" high. Round log style handles, drawers roll smoothly on rollers. Excellent condition.

153.Vintage Diamond Willow Desk, locally made in Hovland by a talented Finn ca 1950, measuring 36" x 26" x 28". Has a Diamond Willow Bar that rises 14" off the desk with a Lamp arm rising off it. The lamp is not currently wired.

154.Oak Mission Style Recliner with Microfiber Cushioning. Very well made and in great condition.

155.Small Table with Drawer, milk glass pull, measuring 30" x 19" x 27" tall. The back of the table top is missing some wood.

156.Coffee Table, Birch, in good condition, 30" x 19" x 18" tall.

157.Leather Sofa Sleeper, 90" long by 36" deep. The Leather is in excellent condition. Decorator Pillows included.

158.Tall Floor Lamp Hand Crafted by Owner made of Diamond Willow with Antlers surrounding the base, It has a Birch Bark Shade that was made by Bead Artist Jo Wood. 71" Tall.

159.Wood Chair and Bar Stool.

160.Antique Steamer Trunk with Oak Slats and Good Hardware, 36" x 24" x 22". Interior has a removeable wood shelf, Leather handle is missing on one side.

161.Huge Woven Tapestry with a Waterfall Scene in Watercolor design - "Upstate" 1988 signed Michelle Lester. Weavers noted in Picture. Measuring 47" x 81" and mounted on a stretcher frame.

162.Rare Wood Slab Coffee Table mounted on a Stump over a Circular wood Base. Very well done with a superb finish. Wood appears to be Redwood, you can count the rings. It measures 52" long by 42" wide and 19" High.

163.Wicker Hamper measuring 23" x 18" x 14".

164.One piece Large Carved Mushroom, varnished, measuring 31" tall.

165.Adirondack Bench with Red and Black Checked Wool Padded Seat, 42" wide by 38" high.

166.Tri-fold Lattice Screen, each panel measures 72" x 17".

167.Whirlpool Microwave Oven in clean working condition.

168.Apartment Housewares including Dishes, Silverware, Glassware, Coffee Pot, Canisters, Pan and Crock Pot all included in one lot.

169.Maytag Neptune LP Gas Dryer. Near new (a year or two of use) when bought as a backup when he thought the existing dryer was dying. It's a higher end machine. A gas company employee looked at it and said all appeared well. It's like new.

171.From Up the Gunflint, a Diamond Willow Arm Chair with Seat Pad.

172.Set of (5) Old Hickory Side Chairs with Woven Seats. These Chairs are marked with an Old Hickory Brass Tag.

173.Tall Table with Hideaway Leaf 54 x 42 x 36 inches with 12 x 54 inch leaf and 4 Counter High Chairs, very nice condition.

174.Oak Mission Style Recliner with Leather Cushions and Oak Arms. Very well made and in great condition.

175.Brown Leather Sofa measuring 88" long, back is 34" High, excellent Condition.

176.Brown Leather Sofa measuring 88" long, back is 34" High, excellent Condition.

177.Wood Sofa Table with Carved Legs, 50" x 18" x 28 1/2" long.

178.Beautiful Wood Glass and Iron Square Coffee Table, 41" x 41" x 19" with Wood Buckle Detail at each Corner.

179.Tall Multiple Branch Diamond Willow Floor Lamp with Tree Burl Base and Stained Glass Shade, 75" Tall and 23" across the Base.

182.Black Carved Credenza measuring 45" x 18" x 30 1/2" high, It has 3 doors and 3 drawers and is in very good condition.

183.Kitchen Table with Butcher Block Styling, rectangle with Turned Legs, 59 1/2" x 34" x 30" tall., has center drawer.

184.Set of 4 Hand Crafted Birch Chairs, very well crafted and in nice condition, seat pads included.

185.Pine Buffet with Mirror made by Charlie Boostrom, a Gunflint Trail Legend. Rounded Half-log (slab-log)drawer fronts, 69" long x 21" deep x 39" counter height and 60" to top of the back.

186.Oak Side Table measuring 17 x 14 x 31 inches tall.

187.Small Green Video Storage Cabinet, 45 x 23 x41 1/2" tall.

188.Small Black Video Storage Cabinet, 18 x 7 1/2 x 41" tall.

190.Wicker and Bamboo Table measuring 36" ong by 12" wide by 29 1/2" high.

191.Large Vintage Table with Pine Top, Diamond Willow Legs - made in Hovland by a talented Finn ca 1950. It is on casters for easy moving and measures 49" x 36 1/2" x 30 1/2" high.

192.Small Slant Top Desk with Queen Anne Legs in Great Condition 24 1/2" x 20" x 40" high.

193.Vintage Old Hickory Love Seat with Woven Seat in Excellent Condition, marked with Old Hickory brass tag. It measures 50" wide, 26" deep and 39 1/2" back height.

194.Vintage Diamond Willow Chair crafted locally in Hovland in the 1950's

195.This Trunk has a Travel Sticker and in is far, far, far better condition than the usual. This Trunk is used as an End Table. Oak Trim with Brass Hardware, Leather Handles and interior shelf all in good condition. 25" x 21 1/2" x 25 1/2".

196.Pine Butler's Cart with one drawer, knife block. It measures 37 x 22 x 33 inches high.

197.Small Wood Cabinet 12 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 30" high.

198.Barrister's Bookcase, two stacking pieces with Brass Beveled Glass, Mahogany Stain measuring 36" x 12" x 38".

199.Pine 3 Drawer Dresser, 36 1/2" x 15" x 28", good condition.

200.Set of 4 Folding Bamboo Chairs, good condition, always stored indoors.

201.Grandfather Clock mfg by Colonial Mfg, Zeeland, MI. Purchased in 1999 from Petrovic Jewelers. 81" tall by 19 1/2" wide by 12 1/2" deep, Movement #54, beautiful sounding chimes.

202.Seth Thomas Postal Regulator Clock, paperwork included. 16" x 36" x 6".

203.Oak Four Drawer Filing Cabinet. 17 1/2" x 28" x 53" high.

204.Diamond Willow Framed Double Bed, 54" wide x 81" long x 38" high, mattress included.

205.Hand crafted Log Bookcase with 4 shelves measuring 50" wide x 12" deep x 59 1/2" high.

206.Crafted around 1950 in Hovland by a talented Finn, a Side Table With Diamond Willow Legs, Green Stained Top, 18 x 18 x 24 1/2" high.

207.Metal Framed Rollaway Bed, very good condition.

208.Diamond Willow Chair Crafted around 1950 in Hovland by a talented Finn

209.Night Stand, Laminated pressboard, 28 x 16 x 21 inches, has two shelves.

210.With a Birch bark Shade Hand Crafted by bead artist Jo Wood, this Fireplace Lamp with Lighted Firebox is Vintage and very nice. 24" tall.

211.Archaeoligical Pieces Found Near Zamek, Lipowiec, Poland including a Pottery Bowl, Glass Shard, Oil Lamp

212.Centerpiece Boat, the Fred, Hand Crafted by Area Artist Jim Korf. - The Fred on Stormy Lake Superior. Large piece measuring 23" x 14". Also a Wooden Lighthouse Lamp 12" high.

213.Four Drawer metal file cabinet.

214.Set of 3 Recycling Boxes with Lids, Wooden with Metal banding measuring 14 x 14 x x 22 inches.

215.Assortment of Silverplated pieces

216.Vintage Silverplate Comb, Brush and Mirror Set. Good Mirror, brush and comb.

217.Silverplate Flatware, assorted makers.

218.J.R Jenson Letter Opener with Cloth Sheath and Flatware, some appear to be Sterling.

219.Silverplate Serving Pieces.

220.Carved Wood Polish Chest with Key containing Vintage Porcelain Bride and Groom marked Germany 5" tall.

221.3 Amber Necklaces and Amber Earrings in a Nice Leather Box

222.Men's Collection, 4 Zippo Lighters with Advertising on them plus a good Zippo Lighter Box and Several Tie Pins Also a Hickok Set with Cufflinks and Tie Pin with Gold Flake Decoration.

223.Some very nice Rosaries and Religious Items

224.Assortment of Semi-Precious Jewelry including a Rhodolite Cross Pendant & Earrings, Agate Earrings and more.

225.Vintage Costume Jewelry

226.Turquoise and Silver Jewelry

227.Leather Snap Close Case with 6 Silverplated Shot Glasses marked Germany and a Russian Perfume Sample Container with Screw off Lid

228.Tiffany 18K Cufflinks in a Blue Tiffany Box marked Tiffany & Co. designed by Schlumberger, Cufflinks are marked Tiffany & Co, France 18K. They weigh 14.8 Grams.

229.Tiffany 18K Tie Bar/Clip in Blue Tiffany Box , Tie Bar is marked 18K Italy Tiffany & Co. It weighs 11.3 grams. Also an 18K Tie Clip with Engraved Initials. It weighs 7.7 grams

230.Antique Pocket Watch, Cylinder Escapement Jewelled with winding Key, Hunter Watch. This is a very old Watch probably from the 1800's and it runs!

231.Ladies Elgin Watch with Chronograph. Heavy Gold Filled Case marked Fahys Montauk 4540780. Beautiful Watch , the movement is marked Elgin Natl.Watch Co. ,movement dates to 1896. It is jeweled and it runs!

232.Tavannes Octagonal Pocket Watch, Initials on the back JHC. Movement is stamped Tvannes Watch Co. 15 Jewels, Swiss, Brevet. Inside back of case marked Wadsworth Pilot 25 Years with a Ships Wheel stamped under Wadsworth.

233.Waltham Watch Co Pocket Watch with Clear Back to show the movement. It is a Jeweler's Sample Watch and it runs! The movement dates to 1927. It is an Elgin 17 Jewel, and it is a typical RxR style watch.

234.Antique Elgin Watch, 14K gold filled. The movement dates to 1926 and it runs! Sterling Silver Watch Fob is deisgned to be worn on a belt. The back is marked Hickok Beltogram Fob Sterling.

235.18K Women's Chain Necklace with Safety Clasp measuring 15 1/2", Substantial piece weighing 51.0 grams and in beautiful condition. Cleaned and weighed by Buskala Jewelers, Cloquet, MN.

236.3 Vintage Ladies Wrist Watches, Watch is Marked 18K has a Bealis Case but got wet and is not running, Ladies Bulova Watch is 10K Gold Filled and is running! The Ladies Helbros Watch is Swiss Made, incabloc, waterproof, anti-magnetic with a stainless steel back and is running!

237.2 Mens Vintage Wrist Watches, Hamilton cld Watch c.1950's stamped 14K Gold S&W (Schwab & Wuischpard Case makers) It is running! Included in this lot is another Vintage Hamilton Mens Chronograph Watch that is not running, has name engraved on the back.

238.Vintage Diamond Wedding Ring Set, 14K White Gold Band with 5 Cut Diamonds and Engraved White Gold Band both Size 7 1/2.

239.Antique Diamond Ring, 14K Delicate Band, Missing one small side diamond but the Center Diamond is approx 1/4 Carat and is of good quality SI, F-G, Ring Size 7 3/4.

240.Rubaiyat Watch Co. Pocket Watch, Chronograph, Swiss Movement, 14K, 17 Jewels, non-running.

241.Pair of Wedding Bands, His is marked 14K @ Camelot, Size 11 and Hers is marked 14K, size 7 1/2.

242.Silver Bracelet and Tie Clip both marked Sterling Siam. Also a Vintage Silver Ring with Old Cut Topaz (possibly Glass) Stone Sent into the Bezel, Size 7 1/2.

243.Wicker Side Table with Removable Tray and Folding Legs

244.Wicker 3 Drawer Unit measuring 13 x 14 x 36 inches.

245.Vintage Jewelry Box and 6 Strand Pearl ? Necklace in Occupied Japan Metal and Enamel Piano Box.

246.Handcrafted Birch Turntable by Wallen in Grand Marais measuring 12" across and 2 Fish Decoys 7" and 7 1/2"

247.Hardwood Finger Jointed Drawer Box 12 x 9 x 5 1/2 inches and Abercrombie & Fitch Swiveling Barometer 5" tall.

248.A Lighted Split Rock Lighthouse by Lefton, 9" x 8" and a 1991 Split Rock Lighthouse Statue by Younger & Assoc. 6" x 5".

249.Art Glass, Green Overlay Vase with Ruffled Edge 9" tall, a 5" Tall Art Glass Vase Signed by the Artist, Marigold Carnival Glass Ruffled Compote 4" , no cracks or chips found on any of these pieces.

250.Royal Copenhagen Blue and White Christmas Plates from years 1921, 1944, 1945, 1946 and 1947

251.Royal Copenhagen Blue and White Christmas Plates from years 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951 and 1952

252.Royal Copenhagen Blue and White Christmas Plates from years 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956 and 1957

253.Royal Copenhagen Blue and White Christmas Plates from years 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961 and 1962

254.Royal Copenhagen Blue and White Christmas Plates from years 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966 and 1967

255.Royal Copenhagen Blue and White Christmas Plates from years 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971 and 1972

256.Royal Copenhagen Blue and White Christmas Plates from years 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976 and 1977

257.Royal Copenhagen Blue and White Christmas Plates from years 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981 and 1982

258.Royal Copenhagen Blue and White Christmas Plates from years 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986 and 1987

259.Royal Copenhagen Blue and White Christmas Plates from years 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991 and 1992

260.Royal Copenhagen Blue and White Christmas Plates from years 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997

261.Royal Copenhagen Blue and White Christmas Plates from years 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002

262.Royal Copenhagen Blue and White Christmas Plates from years 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007

263.Royal Copenhagen Blue and White Christmas Plates from years 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012

264.Royal Copenhagen Blue and White Christmas Plates from years 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018

265.Pair of Oil Lamps, Wall Mount Metal Finger Lamp is 11 1/2" tall and Lamp with Vintage Shade on Glass Chimney is 13" tall.

266.Shawnee Pottery Sailor Cookie Jar is is good condition.

267.Shawnee Pottery Dutch Girl Cookie Jar is in Good Condition but has some paint loss.

268.Pink Depression Glass Cookie Jar has an edge chip and a pair of Elephant Pitchers

269.Roseville Pottery Vase # 108-8 and USA Bean Pot with Lid. Both are in good condition with no cracks or chips.

270.Pewter Liberty Bell Keychain, Norwegian Pewter Bowl and Purple Pinch Glass Jar with Pewter Overlay and Good Stopper with Cork

271.Frankoma Pottery, Wagon Wheel Cream & Sugar, Boot, Pottery Pitcher (some chips) and a Mastercraft Souvenir Boot.

272.Set of 4 Sterling Silver by Jennings Shell Butter Pat or Nut Dishes in good condition plus 4 Matching that are Silverplated. Also a Sterling Sinver Spoon and a 30" Neck Chain marked 925 Italy. Also Assorted Silverplate Pieces.

273.Antique Ring, unmarked but probably Gold in Unusual Setting with Pearl Shell possibly Mabe Pearl Stone, Ring Size 7 1/4

274.Vintage Sterling Class Ring from Shattuck School, Faribault, Minn undated, size 6 1/2, also a 14K Ladies Ring with Pear Shape Glass Stone size 6 1/2.

275.Pair of Vintage Gold Filled Spectacles, Some Broken Chains and Gold Teeth

276.Two Copper Plated Cuff Bracelets with Sterling Overlays.

277.Antique 5 Shot Revolver, 32 S&W CTGE by Harrington & Richardson, appears to be in good condition, one corner piece of the butt handle is broken off.

278.Collectible Tobacco Tins






284.Collectible Bottles, very Old Coca Cola

285.Collectible Brown Bottles

286.Hemingray Blue Insulator, Victor Trap, Canadian Great Pacific Insulator CPR, Junior Tetco Fire Extinguisher

287.Cobalt Bottles

288.Bottles, 7 up, Bubble Up, Clear

289.Soft Arkansas Stone, Filet Knife, Advertsisng Knives

290.Kitchen Knife Assortment

291.New Chicago Cutlery, Set of Vintage Nu Stag Steak Knives in Case, Cleaver and More

292.Kitchen Utensils

293.Assorted Pocket Knives

294.Buck Knife, Sharpening Stone, Pocket Knives

295.Baumanometer Cutlery Set, Vintage Pitney Bowes Postage Scale

296.Vintage Kitchen-aide Coffee Grinder with Measuring Glass

297.Match Books, Kitchen Match Box

298.3 Nesting Wooden Trays and 3 Log Cabin Insence Burners

299.Bamboo and Metal Framed Tray, 22" x 14", and Polish Handpainted Decorative Plate

300.4 Slice Estate Electric Toaster, very Cool, Arms Swivel the bread to Toast each side, it works! And a Model B Aladdin Lamp Base.

301.New Afghan in Green and White and a NO NO sigen with metal letters on Driftwood.

302.3 Vintage Glass Juicers, Pair of Ruby Glass Candle Holders and a Jadeite Towel Bar without brackets.

303.11 1/2" Handcrafted Signed Art Plate with Wall Mounting Hardware attached and a Green Urn marked France

304.Vintage Postcards, Firestone Outboard Motor Owners Manual, Evinrude Owners Manual, Hudson Routes Dial, Delco Pumps Parts List.

305.Large Blue Columbian Covered Roaster and Small Enamelware Covered Roaster

306.Graduated Size Stainless Steel Bowl Set, Bamboo Fruit Bowl and Meat Carving Board 12" x 17".

307.Wooden Recipe Card Box and a Metal Picnic Rack Holder for Napkins, Silverware and Plates, includes 4 Checked Napkins

308.Vintage Metal Cast Bakeware and Kitchen Tools

309.Pine Cone Candle Holders, Moose Trivet and Tall Tree Metal Candleholder

310.Coca Cola Bottle Opener and Pie Plates

311.3 Vintage Jars, Tall Clay Pot, Woven Wicker Sangria Glass Jar, Polish Covered Ornamental Pot

312.Premiere Portable 3 Season Air Conditioner complete and working well.

313.Large Drafting Table with Drafting Tools and a Small Portable Drafting Table.

314.Retro Picture measuring 24" x 30 1/2"

315.Oak File Drawer with Blue Painted Fronts and Metal Drawer 16 1/2" x 13" x 17".

316.Metal And Wood Map Drawer 5 Drawer Unit measuring 24" x 20 1/2" x 11" high

318.Posable Arm Work Light - Vintage, Works, extra bulb included.

319.Upright Wardrobe Cabinet with Lower Drawer ,easiromg 63" x 24" x 18".

320.3 Drawer Pine Dresser measuring 31" x 30" x 20".

321.Vintage Sliding Top Cassette Box with Interesting Cassettes.

323.Assorted Porcelain Serving Pieces and 12 Gold Plastic Charger Plates

325.Demitasse Cups and Ceramic Mugs

326.Set of China missing a Cup, Two of the bread Plates have faded colors.

327.3 French Covered Crawfish Dishes with 3 Crawfish Butter Dishes and 3 Porcelain Plates

328.Lots of Vintage Keys and Lock Mechanism with Key

329.Large collection of Vintage Kitchen Utensils and McSorley's Tin Serving Tray

330.Interesting Vintage Padlocks

331.Travel Clocks and Box of Watches

332.Sunbeam Toaster, Brown Bean Pot and Collin Street Bakery, Texas. Bakery Tin (new)

333.Assorted Candles

334.Vintage Luggage and Samsonite Luggage and One Briefcase

335.4 Fiesta Bowls, Green, Pink, Aqua, Halls Kitchenware Bowl, Blue with Flowers inside.

336.Vintage Glass Decanter with Matching Plate and Glass, 3 Glass Ashtrays (2 with House of Representatives Seal) and 2 Candles.

337.Wooden Canoe with Salt and Pepper Shakers, Small Ginger Jar, Cnadle Holder, Green Glass Flower Basket.

338.Large Basket, Cabin Fever Book, 2 Sets of Coasters and Misc Items.

339.APC Battery Backup, Tested, Works

340.Pair of Imperial Porcelain (Wedgewood) Covered Serving Dishes, Havilland Limoges Serving Platter, Round Havilland Limoges Platter and 2 Porcelain Dishes.

341.4 Drawer Columbia Locking File Cabinet on a custom Dolly

342.Gold Star DeHumidifier, Powers on.

343.4 New, Full Cases of Paper Towels and on Full Case of Toilet Paper

344.12 Pieces of 12" x 12" Ceramic Tile, 2 Full Boxes of Laminate Wood Flooring

345.Box of Various Semi-Precious Stones and Minerals

346.Household Assortment - Smoke Alarm, Travel Steam Iron, Small Paints & More.

347.Shop Vac and Small Portable Orec Vac, both Power on.

348.LP Heater with Ceramic "Bricks" for Wall Mount

349.Cosco Step Stool and Metal Shoe Rack

350.Bins of Christmas Items, Wrapping Paper, Ribbons, Bows, many New Boxes of Lighting, Ornaments

351.6 Thomas Kincade Lighted Christmas Villages

352.6 Thomas Kincade Lighted Christmas Villages

353.Vintage Ceramic Lighted Christmas Tree and 3 Christmas Wreaths

354.2 Metal File Boxes with Keys for Locks

355.Box of Work Gloves, 10 Pr Canvas Gloves, 3 Pr Yellow Chore Gloves, Respirator Masks and 6 Pair of Socks in unopened package

356.Box of Food - Applesauce Cups, Pam, 4 Diced Tomatoes, 3 Stewed Tomatoes, 3 Hormel Chili No-Beans and a Jar of Orange Marmalade

357.2 Canes, Walker, Dressing Tools, New Condition.

358.Butcher Block Cutting Board 118" x 12" and New 15" Planks for Cooking Fish

359.Large Cutting Board 18 x 18 x 1 3/4" and Mug Assortment

360.Christmas Themed Tableware

361.Beautiful Brilliant Colored Quilt measuring 93" x 80". Hand Pieced and Embroidered. Excellent Condition

362.Large Assortment of Table Linens, Tablecloths, Napkins, Runners and Placemats

363.New Full Sized Sheets, New Full Sized Flat Sheet in Packages and a Used Blue Set

364.Shelf Full of Towels, New Set of Brown Towels, Package of New Sand Colored Egyptian Towels , Burgundy and a few Used Towels

365.Shelf Full of Linens - New Queen Sets on Black and Green and used sets in Black and Green, New Pillow Case Covers, New Fitted Full Sheet, New Queen Waterproof Mattress Cover

366.New Grill Cover 58"

367.Vintage Round Metal Lamp Holder with Wall Bracket and 3 Lamp Oil Bottles,

368.Electrified Coleman Lantern

369.Large Plastic Owl

370.3 Small Throw Rugs

371.Assorted Pillow (6)

372.Assorted Disposable Picnic Items with a Black Plastic Shelf Unit

373.Long Metal Storage Bin measuring 30" x 10" x 6 1/2" Deep

374.United Nations Flag, New American Flag 59" x 32", also a Grouping of Small Flags from Other Nations

375.Huge Light Bulb Assortment of all Kinds, multiple Boxes Full

376.Shelf of Cleaning Supplies, 3 Toilet Cleaner, 2 New Toilet Bowl Brushes, 2 partial bottles of Bathroom Cleaner, 4 Boxes of Purell Hand Wipes, Perfumed Hand Soaps Dispensers and assorted Bar Soap

377.Shelf full of New Packages of Ziplock Bags, Garbage Bags, 2 Gallons Vinegar, Gallon Odo-Ban and 2 Spray Bottles of Odo-Ban

378.1/2 Case of Mini Shamppoo Bottles, 1/2 Case of Mini Shower Gels and Full Case of Mini Shampoo Bottles

379.Maple Syrup, 7 Jars various sizes

380.Maple Syrup, 6 Jars various sizes

381.New Gevalia Coffee Maker and 4 Lbs Gevalia Coffee

382.Coffee Assortment, 4 Steep Cold Brew Coffee, Members Mark Arabica Beans, Seattles Best Coffee Dk Roast, 2 lbs, Natural Brew Coffee Filters, 3 lb Columbian Coffee Ground

384.New Mr Coffee Maker and Bags of Arco Coffee Norsemans Grog

385.New Flatware Set and New Kitchen Towels

386.New Weber Grill Cover, Keep Cold Bag and Sauna Cup

387.Vintage Tin Wall Match Holder and 3/4 Case (21 Boxes) of Diamond Brand Matches

388.Grouping of Housewares includeing a Blender, Bowls, Teapot and Pans

389.Assortment of Plant Foods, Lawn & Garden Chemicals in Wooden Crate

390.Grouping of Planting Pots, Ceramic and Plastic

391.Danby Designer Dehumidifier Powers on.

392.3 Metal Shelving Units, 2 Grey 36" x 15" x 73" each and one Black Unit measuring 30" x 11" x 59" high.

393.Pine Cabinet with Formica Top, 38 x 34 x 24 inches.

394.Nice, Clean Wardrobe Cabinet, laminate over pressboard, measuring 74" x 47 1/2" x 20 1/2" deep.

395.2 Folding Card Tables and 16 Folding Padded Chairs

396.Panasonic Viera 37" TV with Sony CD/DVD Player and a RCA Home Theater Sound Bar #RTS735E, Remotes for all three included.

397.Vintage Porcelain Enamel Top Wooden Table with one Drawer measuring 30" x 25" x 45".

398.Vintage Magnavox Phonograph Radio - Tube Type, Radio Powers on,

399.Sentry Combination Safe with Combination 17 x 23 x 14, heavy bring help to load.

900.Garmin Navigational Tool(GPS) with Car Charger

901.Misc Bags & Totes

902.3 Giant Pine Cones and Metal Wood Carrier

903.Nice Hamms Brewing Box with Lid

904.2 Wicker Baskets, Turned Walnut Bowl Wooden Decorative Pieces, Hand Carved

905.6 Jigsaw Puzzles,5 were never opened, 500, 750, 1000 Pieces.

906.Duracell 15 minute Re-charge for AA - works, Flashlight, Square, Pick, Screwdrivers, Level, Electrical Tester in Tote.

907.3 Small Lampshades, 2 Small Lamps with cherubs, 1950 Polish Copper Coated Box, 2 Wall Hangings and Vintage Candle Holders

908.Mini Oil Lamp, Small Mortar & Pestle, Pepper Grinder with Salt Shaker, More

909.Kerchief/Hankies, Laces, Tote Bags, Straps, more

910.Junk Drawer Special, Wiss Pinking Shears in Box, Threads, Sewing Awl, Leather Punch, Steel Pins, Patches

911.Large Assortment of Picture Frames

912.Misc Items, Flashlights, Scouring Pads, Razor Blades, Tools, Plumbing Parts, Frosted Privacy Film, Nail Trimming Tools

913.Mark Twain Acting Set with Wig, Misc Floats, Nautical Mirror, Brass Box

914.3 Pair Sunglasses,Clip Ons and Ray Bans, Jeep, Casio Wrist watches

916.2 metal Basket with folding Handles, 18" High Plant Stand

917.Royal Copenhagen 2015 Blue & White Plate, Blank Journal in Metal Case, Homemade Paper and Binding in Mint Condition, Copper Ingot, Tin with Melted Aluminum Pieces

918.Antique Hand Held Telescope with Leather Case and Extra Lenses, Antique Brass Hole Punch, Antique Candle Holder used in the Mines, Prism used in WWII Tanks-a Periscope prism, Old Brass Pump for Coleman Lanterns

919.Copper Adz, Pounding Tool, Assorted Crystals and Minerals, Arrowheads, Misc Relics including a Piece of the Berlin Wall (authentic)

920.Diamond Willow Stand 24" High, Turned Wooden Candle Holder-One Piece, Canoe Paddle Coat Rack

921.Book on Log Cabin Building by Chilson D. Aldrich, Grand Marais, the original Architect and Builder of this Cabin, published in 1935

922.BWCA by Jay Steinke, Trees and Moon Photo WW II Era.

923.Fireplace Tools and Log Holder, 2 Kindling Boxes

924.Canvas Log Carrier and Metal Stand and 2 Kindling Boxes

925.Metal Framed Firewood Caddy on Large Wheels for Stairway Use.

926.Woodchuck Green Metal Framed Firewood Caddy on Large Wheels for Stairway Use.

927.Macinac Bridge Plate, Signed Winter Print, Lighthouse Picture

928.Vintage Wolf Print, View of Grang Portage

929.Cave Photograph from N Hegman Lake, Signed Acrylic Painting on Board

930.12 Picture Frames and a Selection of Mats

931.Plates, Bowls, Dishes, Pyrex

932.Sony Tri-Pod light Stand in Case, Kodak Sun Gun, Polarizing Lenses, Force Water Bottle, Boyt Case

933.Vintage Lyssex Scale with Removeable Tray, 1-22 lbs, 2 Glass Canisters and a Glass Spooner

934.4 Rugs, Red Padded 44 x 22, Green 21 x 48, Red 42 x 23, Red Runner 65 x 24.

935.Large Green with Floral Border, Ivory Design Floor Rug 62" x 92"

936.Patterned Floor Rug 65 x 46.

937.Small Navajo Rug 16 x 36, Small Statues, more

938.Ornate Metal Casserole Serving Frame with Pyrex Baking Dish, Single Cranberry Glass Frame.

939.LL Bean Rabbit Fur Hat, Made in France Size Medium, good condition.

940.New with Tags Tan Lined Jacket and Pants, Lightweight outdoor gear, Pant size about 34 x 34. Jacket Size Large. Brand Name Zarwski

941.Lined LL Bean Mens Long Sleeve Plaid Shirt Size Reg, Med Excellent Condition

942.Arrow Long Sleeved Mens Large Shirt, Quilted.

943.Mens Boundary Waters by Dayton Plaid Shirt Quilted

944.2 Pc Light Cotton Cnvas Weave, Size L, made in Germany

945.Filson Sz 40 Vest, Hunting & Guiding with 2 Match Safes,

946.Heavy Long 100% Wool Coat SZ Medium, J. Peterman Co. Belted Ex Condition

947.Vintage Red Plaid Wool Pantswith Laced Ankles and Canvas CC Filson Sz 36 Pant.

948.2 Clothing Racks on Wheels adjustable Heights, Racks only.

949.Print Signed Leboz

950.Will Steiger Poster with Clay Pipe and Small Original Arkansas Whet Stone

951.Polish 1996 Calendar, 2 Pages 1970 Mielke Electric Calendar, 2013 Deus Vlcit

952.Original Jo Wood Picture of her Work, Voyageur Print, Dept of Ag Poster

953.Misc Posters

954.Framed 75th Anniversary Quetico & Superior Park Service Poster, Boundary Waters Poster, Great Moments in Quetico Poster

955.Nirvana Poster in New Condition

956.Norman Rockwell Prints "Asleep on th Job" & "A Dog's Day", 2 Poster from Falmouth Gallery

957.Many DVD's, War Humorous, Adventure

958.Tall Oscillating Fan, 2 Speed Fan, White Corner Cabinet, Small Wooden Stool

959.Packages of Office Paper, Back Pack, Angle Pillow, Raincoat

960.Misc Brushes, Cords, Radiator Clamps

961.3 Vintage Wall Sconces, Brass with 5 Glass Prisms Each, Electric Wiring good

962.Comfee Dehumidifier, working, good condition

963.Household Wiring assorted boxes

964.2 Fire Extinguishers

965.7' Prelit Alpine Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree with Stand

966.Pine Cabinet 36" x 19 1/2" x 12"

967.5 Tall Plastic Shelving Units and 1 Small Shelving Unit Downstairs, contents not included, to be picked up Sunday Afternoon.

968.6 Plastic Shelving Units Upstairs, contents not included, to be picked up Sunday Afternoon
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