Why An Internet Online Auction?

The bidders you want with money to spend have internet access. They are busy people who no longer wish to travel and spend all day standing in all sorts of weather conditions waiting for one or two items they want.

You can view and bid multiple auctions online that are closing on the same day while sitting at your desk. A Twin Ports Bid auction lets you view the description and pictures of the item(s) you like online. Then you have the chance to inspect the item and research the value before auction closing to determine your bid.

With thousands of viewers and bidders, our auctions give buyers a chance to continue to bid beyond initial bid closing with the “extended bid feature”. Bidders are protected from last minute “snipers” and can raise their bid to purchase their item. The final bidding can be quite exciting ending in a sale at fair market value for both buyer and seller.

Live auctions do not get the huge attendance they once did. They tend to last for hours so the items you want may be late in the day or end up being included in larger lots with items you don’t want but have to take with you. The seller loses money on “batched” items late in the day.

Twin Ports Bid will photograph, post the description on the web-site, conduct inspection days, complete the auction online, collect the funds and supervise removal of all items in a timely manner.

We will target market your sale via social media, newspaper, trade, email notifications and auction listings to attract the right bidders for your sale.

Stores that sell off merchandise at discounts before closing are forced to handle moving and storage of unsold items. A Twin Ports Bid closeout auction will complete the entire sale promptly. The owner reduces expenses and labor costs and ends up with a larger cash out.

For businesses wishing to reduce surplus inventory, the online auction is a favorite for commercial buyers. Positive cash flow is created is a short period of time. In special circumstances, sales may be accomplished in less than 30 days. Sales can be held at the seller’s premises or at our retail location.

Large items and pieces of equipment sitting by the side of the road are not viewed by enough potential buyers. The seller may try to sell something for less than it is worth and not even know it. Pieces sit there while Twin Ports Bid auctions can be completed in as little 30 days thus creating cash flow for the seller quickly.

We like auctions and the auction process but have found that times are changing and while there is definitely a place for live auctions, online auctions are now the most convenient way for both buyer and seller in today’s busy world.

We advise all customers wishing to sell with us to call us (715) 718-2148 or email us at info@twinportsbid.com so we can discuss a tailored plan to fit your specific needs.

Our place or yours, a sale by twinportsbid.com is the best decision you can make.

Examples of what we sell:

Commercial Equipment
Industrial Equipment
Restaurant Equipment
Business Closures
Recreational Items
Beer Signs
Building Materials
Charity / Fundraising Auctions 

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